Dedicated To Caring For Our Residents 24/7

Skilled Nursing Care Facility

elderly nutrition care

The Eulice Utton Homes has space for up to 20 seniors in a variety of room types including single rooms, shared rooms, and one multiple occupancy under 24/7 supervision. Our nursing home is well staffed with trained personnel. We give high priority to senior’s nutrition and medical requirements. The Home also enjoys 24 hour on call doctor service and a fully trained nurse and physiotherapist on call. The security of our senior care home and its residents is guaranteed by Guardsman Ltd.

Our partners, Fay and Mavis Petgrave, have a single objective, to provide a comfortable and attractive assisted living for seniors, covering a complete range of care levels.

Our Services

  • Independent and semi independent living
  • Care for the bed bound
  • Care for the confused
  • Tube feeding
  • Social programmes offered for residents and day care patients
  • Full doctor’s care
  • Full nursing care
  • Meals and snacks including speciality meals
  • Laundry and other hotel services
  • Care for those who live nearby or for those who just want to come and enjoy the company of other seniors

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